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A Child’s Thoughts on Heaven April 9, 2011

Filed under: Out of the Mouth of Babes — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:59 pm

The other morning, I was preparing to quickly brush Luke’s teeth in order to get him out the door for preschool.  This is his least favorite part of our morning routine.  He suddenly said, “I’m going to like Heaven, mama.”  Wondering where in the world this comment had come from, I asked, “Why?”  To that he replied, “Because I won’t have to brush my teeth there!”

I  had never thought of that as a heavenly benefit, but I suppose he’s right!  For certain, there won’t be tooth decay in Heaven, so no need to brush!  Interesting insight!



One Response to “A Child’s Thoughts on Heaven”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    Big Grin . . . Glad you’re writing down things he says

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