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Joyful Chorus May 10, 2011

Filed under: Life in the Slow Lane — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:20 pm

It’s been six days since I’ve discovered these baby birds, and already they are singing a joyful chorus to me!  Okay, they are actually crying for Mama Mockingbird because they are hungry!  This is how my own kids look at around 3:00 each afternoon when they ask for a snack!

Mama Mockingbird is not very fond of me.  She does not like me peeking into her nest to take pictures of the twins, but I do it anyway and ask my kids to cover my back.  Mama has even noticed our cat who likes to sit and look out our front glass door.  One day over the weekend, Mama stood on a rocking chair near the front door and told our cat exactly how she felt about her presence, not that she was anywhere near her nest!  Mothers have a way of being very protective, don’t they?

I’ve enjoyed watching the twins grow up.  Like my friend, Karie, commented, I do hope that I will get to watch them fly away with strong wings of their own.  Before too long, it will be my turn to see my little ones take flight and leave the nest, but I am not as anxious about that!


One Response to “Joyful Chorus”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    Love your bird nest stories. Your kids won’t be leaving your nest soon – or do you mean – coming to visit us? LOL

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