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Bath Tub Geography May 29, 2011

Filed under: Parenting with Purpose — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:55 pm

Our home school curriculum (My Father’s World) puts a lot of emphasis on geography.  My kids and I have mapped routes of brave explorers, drawn the continents, labeled the Roman Empire, and memorized the major bodies of water and countries of the Middle East.

To encourage continuous review of this information, I bought a shower curtain called “The World” at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (with my great little coupon that comes in the mail).  It’s a clear curtain with a colorful map of all seven continents  with major cities, countries, states, and oceans labeled.

I hung it in my kids bathroom behind my cute themed fabric shower curtain.   So when you look in the bathroom, you don’t see “The World” and occupants of the shower have privacy that an otherwise clear shower curtain would not provide!  “The World” curtain acts as our shower liner and is hung so that when my kids are in the shower/tub, the map is facing them (it is backwards if you are outside the tub).

This gives my kids something to look at, memorize, and study while they lather up and rinse off.  (I am one for multi-tasking!)  Lindsay showed Luke one night where one of our missionary friends was traveling, and now Luke (at age 4) can locate Ethiopia!  I was able to show my little Luke where his Nana and Papa have just gone on their vacation.  I showed him where Nana and Papa live in South Carolina and where they flew to Boston and their trip up into Canada.  My mom and sister spent a few days last week in Texas, and I showed Luke where the plane took them from South Carolina across several states to the big state of Texas.  Then I asked him to show me where they went, and he could!

Bath time is also a great time to pray for missionaries!  We have several sets of friends serving in various countries around the world.  Showing the kids on the bath tub map where they serve and remembering to pray for them can keep our children mindful of others.

It really is amazing what kids can soak up in the tub with more than just their sponges!  We’re all about good, clean fun!