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Summer Pasta Salad June 5, 2011

Filed under: Recipes Worth Sharing — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:35 pm

I was inspired to make this delicious summer pasta salad after viewing the great looking salads behind the glass counter at Earth Fare.  With summer heat upon us, I like to use my oven less and cook out more!  It makes my job easier and gets my hubby involved in the cooking, plus keeps my kitchen cooler!  A pasta salad is quite filling, and added to a grilled meat, is a perfect summer time dinner.

First, I boiled 12 oz whole grain penne pasta, drained, and tossed with a little olive oil and vinegar salad dressing.  I put this in the refrigerator to cool.  Right before dinner, I added the following to my pasta:  goat cheese crumbles, raw spinach, pitted kalamata olives, chopped cucumber, white kidney beans, and chopped pepperoni.  You really have the freedom to add anything you like:  red bell pepper, garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds, a different pasta, etc.

I tossed with more olive oil and vinegar dressing and served.  My family loved it (except Logan and I are the only ones who liked the olives!)!  I must share a picture of our grilled chicken that went along with our salad last night.  It not only looks great, it tasted great!  Kudos to Brad for being an awesome griller!


One Response to “Summer Pasta Salad”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    mmmmm . . . looks good!

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