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Logan’s Story November 10, 2011

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My 9 year old son, Logan, wrote a story yesterday for an English lesson.  The first paragraph was given, and he had to complete the story answering four key questions.  As a motivator to my son who does not really like to write, I told him I would put his story on my blog.  He was thrilled, so here it is:

One morning in spring, Farmer Davis said, “I see that old Speckle wants to raise some more chickens.  I think I will let her raise some ducks instead.  I will get some ducks’ eggs when I go to town this afternoon.”

Farmer Davis got six eggs for Speckle.  When Farmer Davis brought the eggs to Speckle, she immediately sat on them.  She waited and waited for two months, and finally, she noticed a crack in one of the eggs.  Soon ducklings were everywhere.

Baby ducks are different from baby chickens.  Baby ducks are dark yellow and their beaks are rounded.  Baby chickens are light yellow and their beaks are pointed.

Speckle took her babies to a puddle to drink and to the best place in the farmyard where there were worms.

One day Speckle took her babies to the pond.  One baby was near the pond and fell in.  The baby swam to the end of the pond and found some other ducks.  The baby decided to live with the ducks, and they lived happily ever after.

The End!

I am very proud of you, Logan!!


2 Responses to “Logan’s Story”

  1. Lynn Brown Says:

    I love your story about a momma hen loving the baby ducklings, even when the babies were not her own. It reminds me of my own adoption and the parents who loved me as if I were their own!! Keep writing…the world is waiting for another sweet story.

  2. Betty Parker Says:

    I like your story, Logan. Good job!

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