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Kings Mountain January 16, 2012

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 9:28 pm

On Friday, our family visited Kings Mountain for a day of hiking.  We first toured the Living History Farm of re-created buildings of an 18th century farm, where a cat ran over from the woods to join us.  He lead us around like a tour guide!  Logan loves cats and always manages to find one…we call him the cat whisperer! 

After peering inside a privy, we decided we are all very thankful for modern conveniences, especially indoor toilets!  We learned that a long time ago bed frames had a system of ropes running through them which held the mattress up off the floor.  Occasionally, these ropes had to be tightened so the mattress would not sag.  This is where the term “sleep tight” comes from!

We ate our picnic lunch inside the car (with heat running) because it was chilly and windy outside.  Then we drove to another parking lot and began our 7-mile hike.  The trees this time of year have no leaves, so we could see straight through the woods.  My boys collected an arsenal of stick weapons to carry through belt loops and in their hands.  They were on the lookout for Indians! 

After 3 1/2 miles, we came to the Visitor’s Center where we watched a short film on the battle which took place at King’s Mountain.  In a nut shell, the American patriots, led by Col. William Campbell, defeated the Loyalists commanded by Major Patrick Ferguson, who was reputed to be the best marksman in the British Army.  In fact, at one time, Ferguson had a key patriot leader in range ready to kill, and at the last minute, refused to fire.  If he had shot, he would have killed George Washington, commander of the Continental Army.  How different America could have been!  No doubt God has His hand on history!

As it was getting late in the day, we decided it would be best to forgo the walking tour of the battlefield behind the Visitor’s Center and hike back to the car.  That leaves us something else to go back and do.  Luke complained some about the long walk, but he’s really becoming quite a great little hiker!  We all really had a fun time and learned something, too!  The air was cool and refreshing, and it was wonderful to spend the time outdoors with my favorite people!


3 Responses to “Kings Mountain”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    Sounds like a good day. We also love the woods when the leaves are off the trees & we can see through them. It’s just a different look that we also enjoy in the winter.

  2. Lynn Brown Says:

    You always have the most interesting blogs! I remember mentioning Kings Mountain in one of my history papers. I’d love to visit that area sometime, too. I think I recognized Lindsay’s hat!

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