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Armed and Dangerous February 21, 2012

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 10:59 pm

Brad and I had a hot date Saturday night!  We went to a firing range with another couple from our church, and I shot a gun for the first time in my life!  I was given a quick lesson on gun safety and before I knew it I was donned in safety glasses and ear protection, holding a Glock 40-calibur semi-automatic pistol in my hands.  On my first round of 5 shots, I actually hit where I was aiming, the X in the middle of my pink target!

It was a lot of fun, but I have a very healthy respect for guns.  In fact, I was really pretty nervous, and I experienced sore arm muscles from my tension.  There is a lot to remember when firing a gun!  I learned how to load the magazine, rack the slide, and how to line up my target with the gun’s notches.  I even used one gun with a laser light which was really cool!

Brad’s goal is to get us both very comfortable with firing a gun, so we are competent should the need to defend ourselves ever arises.  Brad wants to put a sign in our front yard that says, “Protected by Smith & Wesson.”  I think I could just attach my pink Target practice paper to the front door, and that should be enough to scare any intruder away!


One Response to “Armed and Dangerous”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    Good for you both! I can relate to your fear of guns; I was always that way until Amy & I took a gun safety course. I learned to handle, load, shoot; and became comfortable with the gun. I certainly have a healthy respect for them tho’, but am glad that I could use one if necessary. BTW – I, too, am a good shot!!

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