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Geography Fair February 28, 2012

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The first Saturday in January found our family setting up two presentation boards at a local church for our home school’s Geography Fair.  It was our first time participating in this annual event.  A couple of weeks before Christmas, I asked Lindsay and Logan if they would be interested in making a board on a country of their choice to share and display at the fair.  They agreed, one more hesitant than the other.  Can you guess who?

Lindsay decided to do her board on American Samoa.  She picked this tiny group of 5 tropical islands in the South Pacific because it was a country we had recently prayed for through  Some of the things we learned in our research include:  AS is the only U.S. territory south of the equator, its capital is Pago Pago, and one of its chief exports is pet food!

Logan chose to focus on the country of Turkey.  His inspiration came from a recipe we had made for Turkish Delight, a candy which originated in Turkey.  We learned that Istanbul is the only city in the world located in two continents (Europe and Asia), Turkey supplies 70% of the world’s hazelnuts, and the Turks introduced coffee to Europe and their famous tulips to the Dutch!  As part of Logan’s display, we provided samples of Turkish Delight, and it was a hit!

In walking around and looking at the other displays, one fact really stuck out to all of us.  Canadians eat their macaroni and cheese covered in ketchup.  Luke thought that was really funny, and he’s even tried it at home and likes it.  I can’t say I’ll be trying that anytime soon!

Winners were announced at the end of the morning, and Logan won 2nd place for his board!  We were so very proud of him because if anyone needed encouragement for a job well done, it was Logan!  He won a gift card to Chick-Fil-A, which could not have made him happier!


3 Responses to “Geography Fair”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    Logan!!! Congratulations!!!! Well done.

    Good job both of you – and you too, Michelle. You have all learned a lot!

  2. Lynn Brown Says:

    Way to go, Logan!! Did you help Mom with the recipe?

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