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One Hundred One March 20, 2012

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Yesterday we celebrated the 100 day milestone of filling Luke’s number chart up to 100.  I gave him $1 (representing 100 pennies) to spend at the Dollar Store.  He bought gum!

So this morning, his job was to add number “one hundred one” to his chart.  I asked, “How do you write one hundred one?”  He confidently said, “Like this.”  And he wrote:  “1001.”  I laughed hysterically, took a picture of it, then explained that one hundred one is written like this:  “101.”  I’m not quite sure he gets it yet, but he’ll work into it.  I really see why he wrote it the way he did…100…and then a 1!!  I thought a discussion on place value would be too advanced, so we’ll wait for another time!  Kids are so cute!!


Plans for the Future

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So, the other day I asked Logan this question:  “Logan, where do you see yourself in ten years?”  That’s a loaded question for a 9 year old!  The whole time I’m trying to get an idea of his college plans.

He pretty quickly (too quickly) responded:  “Well, I’ll be 19 then (at which point, I sigh).”  He continued, “I see myself driving.  Driving a corvette!”  Oh my!

Then I asked Lindsay the same question.  She said, “I’ll be about to graduate from college in ten years (at which point, I double sigh), but I don’t know what college I want to go to yet.”  That’s my girl!

Of course, then I asked 5 year old Luke what his plans were for 10 years down the road.  I am sure he’s just thinking about what’s for lunch and about playing outside afterwards.  I reminded him that when he is fifteen, he will be an only child living at home with Mama and Daddy while big sister and brother are off at college.  He said, “I’ll live at home with Mama.”  May that not be what he says when he’s 30!

Our Bible verse this morning in our study of the book of James was chapter 4:14 which says, “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”  We had a great discussion about making the most of our lives for the Lord while he has us here.  In the big picture of roughly 6,000 years of history (my young-earther belief), our lives are like a mist, here then gone.  I encouraged my children to use their time wisely, be thankful and enjoy every day, make an impact in this world for Christ, and to love all the people the Lord brings across their paths (even the difficult ones!).

None of us knows what the future holds, but it’s fun to talk and dream!  We must remember to make our plans as the Lord wills and leads.  He alone holds the future in His hands, and we can put our confidence in His plan for our lives!





Catawba Indian Reservation March 16, 2012

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Brad took the day off yesterday and we visited the Catawba Indian Reservation in Rock Hill, SC.  The Catawba Indian Nation is the only Indian tribe in South Carolina recognized by the federal government.  The word Catawba means “a variety of purplish grape,” and the Catawba Indians were named after the Catawba River. 

We wandered through the small museum in the cultural center.  There was a hand-carved black bowl on display that also had a black snake carved into the top and side of it.  This was a storage bowl for food.  Carving the snake into the bowl tricked any rodents who might want to steal the food for themselves into thinking the snake was real!  As a result, their food was safe!  Another item of interest on display was a Wedding Jug that had two necks.  The bride and groom would each sip from it, then throw it over their shoulders.  Depending upon the number of pieces the jug broke into, they believed that determined the number of children the happy couple would have.

After a picnic lunch of more dessert than nutrition, we hiked on a trail leading from the cultural center to the Catawba River.  Along the way, Brad spotted a fallen tree and led us all off the trail to walk across it.  It was a rotten tree, and I was a little concerned it would fall under our weight, but we survived!  As we neared the river, we could hear the sound of rushing water.  It reminded me of our time last summer with Aunt Betty tubing down the Davidson River! 

We also saw a replica of a typical Indian home made of wooden planks and red clay, a dugout (canoe), and a round house with a garden.  Before the days of scarecrows, the Indians built stands where the women and children would stand watching for wildlife invading their gardens.  If one was spotted, they were chased away when the Indians threw stones at them!

It was fun, but we all broke a sweat.  Lindsay reminded me that it’s still officially winter, but it was 84 degrees!  With a stop in the gift shop for small souvenirs of our day, we headed to the car for home, with the air conditioning full blast!


Charleston Tea Plantation March 15, 2012

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The kids and I visited with my mom for a few days this week while we were on spring break.  However, I always tell my kids “you can never take a vacation from education!”  So we visited the Charleston Tea Plantation for a fun field trip.

The Charleston Tea Plantation is the home of American Classic Tea, and it is the only tea plantation in North America!  It is located on Wadmalaw Island in the heart of South Carolina’s lowcountry.  Tea plants need sandy soil, hot temperatures, and high humidity to thrive and they’ve got it there!  We took a tour of the 127 acre plantation in an old Philadelphia trolley, which the owner purchased on eBay!

We learned that tea plants are called Camellia Sinensis and green, oolong, and black tea are all made from the same tea plants.  What makes them different from each other in taste is how long they sit on the oxidation bed in the processing plant.  Also white tea is not made from the leaves of the tea plant, but from the new growth buds on the plant and has to be hand picked, which is why white tea is more expensive.

We toured the factory where the tea is processed and watched on flatscreen televisions how tea is made from the raw leaves.  Of course we enjoyed the delicious tea samples in the charming gift shop and left with boxes of tea to enjoy at home!  Rockville Raspberry and Island Green Mint teas rock! 


A Fun Birthday Party

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A couple of weeks ago, my kids were invited to a friend’s birthday party at the Panthers Stadium in Charlotte.  It was so intriguing to me, that I skipped my Wednesday night class to join in on the fun!

We met at an outdoor area within the stadium where Sir Purr, the Panther’s mascot, made his grand entrance on a 4 wheeler, and the kids all went nuts!  Sir Purr posed for pictures with each child and the kids took turns catching a football he threw to them.  After some fun and dress up in Panther’s gear, we were led on a tour by our guide.  We walked out into the stands to see the field and the beautiful skyline of Charlotte.  Then we toured the visiting team locker rooms and learned that the teams all request certain items to stock their locker rooms (among them, Gatorade, gum, and a certain number of towels).  We also visited a luxury suite (which is where I would personally like to watch the game from!), and the media rooms where the stats are taken and television commentators sit.  One interesting fact I learned is that the Carolina Panthers logo of the Panther head is the states of NC and SC upside down!

It was a fun party for a football-loving boy and his friends!  He (and my kids) will remember this party forever!