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Cupcakes and Peas, an April Fool’s Dinner April 3, 2012

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 10:05 pm

When my children were itty bitty, I came across an idea for an April Fool’s Dinner from Family Fun magazine.  Well, this year I finally got around to trying it out.  Since April 1st was on a Sunday, it was a little more of a challenge for me because of our evening church schedule.  And also, since I do not normally cook on Sundays, I feared my kids would be suspicious of any kind of “formal” dinner.  Typically, we eat eggs and toast or popcorn on Sunday nights!  Yes, that’s really true!

I left church to go home and had about 30 minutes before Brad would arrive home with Lindsay and Logan.  Luke had come home with me and while he watched “Go, Diego, Go!,” I cooked up my April Fool’s tricks.

I served Cupcakes and Peas.  However, my cupcakes were actually meatloaf topped with colored mashed potatoes baked in tin muffin cups.  The peas were real because I could not find a “Peas and Carrots” candy mix in my limited time of looking.

By the time I had the cupcakes safely baking in the oven, Brad and the kids walked in the door.  I announced that I was cooking dinner and as it finished up, the kids could take their showers.  That gave me time to whip up the “frosting.”

Logan came to the table looking a little surprised that his mama would serve cupcakes for dinner, but he was all in!  Luke was thrilled!  I don’t think I fooled Lindsay for a minute, but maybe for a second I did!  Lindsay ate her cupcake first while the boys ate their peas.  She didn’t say a word until Logan asked what they tasted like.  She replied, “Meatloaf!”  Confused, Logan took a bite of his and the truth was out!  I had really pulled one over on him!

Then I sent them upstairs, telling them I had something else to serve.  I plopped vanilla ice cream with caramel topping on plates and served with forks.  It was supposed to be mashed potatoes with gravy, but I told Brad they would never fall for it.  Those kids KNOW their ice cream!

Sure enough, they came to the table and immediately recognized their “mashed potatoes and gravy” as dessert!  They were very happy and we all had lots of laughs over that dinner!

The meatloaf was really delicious, so I’ve posted the recipe below.  Even my Lindsay, who does not care for mashed potatoes, ate them on top of this meatloaf!  That is saying something!


One Response to “Cupcakes and Peas, an April Fool’s Dinner”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    Love it! You got them! I don’t cook Sunday night supper either. I tell Gene that he’s on his own! My Sunday night supper is usually a BIG bowl of ice cream!

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