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Happy Birthday Lindsay! April 10, 2012

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Saturday was Lindsay’s 12th birthday!  I cannot believe that twelve years ago, Brad and I were camped out in a teeny tiny hospital room watching the Masters on t.v.  in Norfolk, VA, waiting for this little baby to make her entrance into the world!  Little did we know how much she would impact our lives!  She’s grown to be a wonderful, beautiful young lady who loves the Lord…what more could a mom ask for?!  Thank you, Jesus!

Birthdays around here mean sugar for breakfast because the Birthday Girl or Boy gets to choose the menu!  We had doughnuts for breakfast and cake and ice cream for lunch!  Not too healthy, but that’s just the way it happened.

Lindsay had a small party with her girlfriends Saturday morning.  We tie dyed tee-shirts using Sharpies and rubbing alcohol.  We found this wonderful idea on Pinterest and tried it out before Christmas.  It worked so well, we thought it would make for a fun birthday party.  I made a tie dyed birthday cake and we decorated the house with pink streamers and tie dyed balloons.  The girls had a ball!

Lindsay’s best friend Claire was able to come spend the weekend with us, and nothing could have made her birthday any happier!  Those girls have known each other since Lindsay was six months old and Claire ten months old!  Even distance has not been able to blow out the flame of their special friendship.

Saturday afternoon found us at the mall along with everyone else who had waited to the last minute to finish their Easter shopping!  Our mission at the mall was to have Lindsay’s ears pierced.  After waiting patiently for several years, finally at age 12, her daddy and I allowed her to have it done.  We told her that anything you want so badly is worth the wait.  It grows your character (self-control).  Besides, I didn’t want my little girl growing up as fast as our culture makes them.  She has the rest of her life to wear earrings!

We went to Claire’s to have the piercing done, and Lindsay was a little nervous.  I told her it would sting.  I’m not one to sugar-coat pain!  She was brave, and with Claire by her side, she endured the process.  The manager of the store told Lindsay, “Don’t worry, you are in good hands.  I do this all the time.”  And a fantastic job she did!  Lindsay chose studs in her birth stone (diamond, but these are cubic zirconia).  Afterwards, Lindsay kept saying, “I can’t believe my ears are pierced!”  She is thrilled, and she is being very diligent about keeping them clean.  For her birthday, she received 15 pairs of earrings, and in 2 months she will be wearing them all!

 What a joy and privilege to be a mother!  I am so thankful for our three children with whose lives God has entrusted to Brad and me!


One Response to “Happy Birthday Lindsay!”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday. And – Lindsay is such a blessing!!

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