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Answered Prayer May 25, 2012

Filed under: Devotions — Michelle Ferguson @ 1:40 pm

Three years ago, Logan’s dentist prompted me to make an appointment with an oral surgeon to evaluate a 5-year molar that had failed to erupt in Logan’s mouth.  I had not even been aware that this was an issue, but I guess that’s why we go to the dentist!

After our initial visit with the oral surgeon, he decided we could wait a year and re-evaluate this molar.  I scheduled the appointment for the following June.  In early June of 2010, while my family and I were vacationing in Kentucky, I received a phone message from the surgeon’s office asking me to reschedule Logan’s appointment because the doctor would be out of town.  Well, I never rescheduled that appointment.  Then, at Logan’s next dentist appointment, the dentist again encouraged me to pursue this molar issue with the surgeon.  So, I did make an appointment to follow-up in 2011, and at this visit, the surgeon gave us two options:  1)  He could try to “force” the tooth in by exposing the molar and attaching it to an anchoring device or 2)  He could surgically remove the molar.

My husband and I  honestly did not like either option.  When we could see a perfectly formed tooth under the gum line (however, totally covered by bone) on x-ray, it made me sad to think of having it removed.  God made that tooth for a purpose and I just wanted it to come in.  So we began to pray that God would bring this molar in on its own.  Logan joined us in praying, and he prayed so faithfully.

At Logan’s next dentist visit, the dentist encouraged me to meet with an orthodontist because now that Logan’s 5-year molar on the bottom had not come in, it was causing the molar above it which should normally rest on top of that molar, to come down out of the gum too far.  It’s called supra-eruption, too much tooth exposed.

So last summer, Brad and I met with the orthodontist for an evaluation.  He agreed to treat the supra-erupted molar and communicate with our oral surgeon on a strategy.  Several months went by and we never heard from either doctor, so at the next dentist appointment, the ball got rolling.  The orthodontist called and made a series of appointments with me for Logan to have the supra-erupted molar pulled back up into the gum line.  He was going to handle this supra-erupted molar and the surgeon would handle the “failed to erupt” molar.

By this time, the orthodontist and surgeon agreed that Logan’s molar should be surgically removed.  I felt a peace about pursuing the work to fix the supra-erupted molar, but I still felt no peace at all about removing the bottom molar.  So we took steps this spring to fix the upper molar.  After spacers, impressions, and a fitting, Logan has had the appliance, literally screwed, to the roof of his mouth with a band attached around that upper molar to force it back up into the gum line.

Last Saturday night, May 19, as we were putting Logan to bed, he said, “Mom, I feel something in my mouth I want you to check.”  Having no flashlight handy, I grabbed his small bedside lamp and shone it into his mouth.  I could not believe my eyes…Logan’s 5-year molar was beginning to break through the surface of the gum!  I about started crying!  I had been told by the surgeon, “If that tooth hasn’t come in by now, it never will.  It’s fused to his jawbone.”

We all rejoiced greatly!  After three years of praying, this molar was coming in!  I had really given up praying.  Logan’s molar was number one on my prayer list, but often it got skipped over.  I thought God was going to answer our prayer in another way, like removal.  However, Logan did not give up praying.  He prayed almost every single night for that tooth to come in.  God showed me through this Answered Prayer that I shouldn’t give up praying for something when I don’t see God working.  He is working.  He is waiting for the right time to reveal the “prize.”  I took great comfort and hope in this because God is at work.  He is faithful to answer the “small” things, as well as the “big” things.  He is so good!

Praise God we did not pursue surgery to remove that molar!  Praise God we waited for Him to reveal what He has been at work doing the whole time!  Praise God He is faithful and true!  Lindsay reminded me that “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James 5:16).

I did take Logan to the orthodontist this week because at the same time I noticed his molar coming in, I noticed “sores” on the roof of his mouth and he complained that it felt like his gum was growing over the appliance.  At our “emergency” visit, the doctor explained that Logan’s tissue was reacting to the appliance and had inflamed around it.  He decided to remove the appliance to allow healing of the tissue to take place.  I pointed out that Logan’s molar was beginning to come in and he made a comment about not knowing why sometimes teeth do that.  I replied, “Well, Logan has been praying for three years for it to come in.”  The doctor responded, “I guess that’s your answer,” and I agreed.



2 Responses to “Answered Prayer”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    The faith of a little child!! Wonderful story of answered prayer! Thanks also for the reminder that God is working even when we can’t see it.

  2. Lynn Brown Says:

    What a powerful testimony to remind all of us that God answers our prayers in His time!! Praise His name!!

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