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Election Lap Book October 27, 2012

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Last week, we put aside our regular school lessons and worked on an Election Lap Book project.  Lap books are wonderful supplements to our home school lessons that we have used occasionally.  I purchased our curriculum download (suggested ages:  Grades 4-8)  for $8 from  

Lap books are high-interest, hands-on unit studies.  They are a 3D presentation of mini books and graphic organizers put together in a series of file folders.  I spent the weekend before our study, cutting, folding, gluing, and organizing the activities the kids would be working on.  I had each activity ready to go, placed inside a small plastic bag in order.  On previous lap books, I’ve had the kids do all the cutting and folding, but I found that took way more time!  With the prep work done, it was easy to just grab the next activity out of the bag, add the information to the paper, color it, and then attach inside the book.

Here are some of the highlights of what we learned:

  • The symbol of the donkey, representing the Democrats, was first used when Andrew Jackson ran for President and was called a donkey.  He liked it because it described his strong will, so the donkey symbol stuck!  Andrew Jackson became the first Democratic President.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President.
  • Elections are held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November because when the process was set up, most Americans were farmers and needed to wait until after harvest to make the day’s trip to the nearest polling place (hence, November).  Since Sunday was the day of rest and family worship, families headed to the polls on Monday, giving them a day to travel, then they voted on Tuesday before returning back home.
  • If electoral votes are tied between candidates, the House of Representatives chooses the President!

The kids learned new vocabulary words, conducted a voting survey among our adult friends, wrote their own campaign song and slogan, and came up with questions they could ask a presidential candidate if they had the chance to interview him or her.  On Monday night, we let Lindsay and Logan stay up to watch the last presidential debate.  It was a good opportunity to compare the two candidates and explain truth.  I saw the following on a friend’s facebook page, and I really like how well it sums up how I will vote, too:

“I will vote for the most pro-life candidate, because God hates the shedding of innocent blood (Prov.6:17).
I will vote for the most pro-Israel candidate, because God blesses those who bless Israel & curses those who don’t (Gen.12:3).
I will vote for the most pro-debt reduction candidate, because the borrower is servant to the lender (Prov.22:7).  I will vote for the most pro-work candidate because God says if a man not work, let him not eat (2Thess.3:10).  I will vote for the most pro-marriage candidate , because God is for marriage as defined in Genesis 2:24. I will vote for the candidate who most closely believes government’s purpose is to reward the good & punish the evil (Romans 13).  I will vote based as close as I can on God’s Word (2Tim.3:16). Knowing that whoever gets elected, God is the one who puts all men in authority (Dan.2:21).”

Brad and I plan to take our kids with us to the polls November 6th, as we always do, because our freedom to vote should be a family affair.  Our kids need to know how important it is that we participate in the say of who is to become our next president.  It’s a very big deal!  Join me in praying for our elections and Christians, go vote!


Fall French Toast

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On cold mornings, there is nothing like a delicious, homemade breakfast.  My two boys love for me to make bacon, “healthy bacon,” as Lindsay calls it because it’s uncured turkey bacon.  Lindsay prefers the Wright brand of applewood smoked bacon I buy at Wal Mart.  Maybe in her mind, it’s the “Right” bacon!

Anyway, when time allows, I do occasionally make a big breakfast for my family.  It is a nice break for them from what they usually fix for themselves, cereal, yogurt, English muffins, or waffles.  This is how I make French toast:

Slices of bread (our favorite is Panera sour dough)

4-6 eggs, beaten

1 tsp vanilla

Half and Half


Pumpkin Pie spice

I scramble my eggs and add Half and Half, vanilla, and spices.  I don’t measure, I just pour and shake until it “looks good.”  Dip each piece of bread into mixture to coat both sides and place on hot griddle to cook.  Delicious drizzled with raw honey!**  Enjoy!

**Remember not to feed honey to babies less than 1 year old!