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Preschool Surprise March 7, 2011

Filed under: Siblings — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:40 pm

My youngest son, Luke, is attending his first year of preschool at a local church.  He is pretty closed lip with me about the things he does at school, but Logan tells me that at night before the boys fall asleep, Luke shares about his day.  Although I’m glad my boys can have that time together, I feel left out of this information!  As much as I coax and ask, Luke really does not tell me a lot about school.  (On the other hand, when Lindsay was in preschool, she would come home with all sorts of information…who the line leader was, whose birthday was celebrated, if anyone was out sick, and what color hair bow her best friend wore!)

So when Luke came home today and told me about a story that happened at school this morning, I was excited.  He told me that his teacher was keeping the “letter of the day” a secret until somebody could guess what it was.  Luke said everyone was saying different letters, but he was the one who got it right.  I asked, “How did you know what the letter was?  Did you guess?”  He replied, “No, I knew what it was because Logan told me.”  Then I remembered that Logan had indeed gone over his March calendar with him this morning during breakfast and informed Luke of what he was doing each day this week.  (His teachers send home a monthly calendar with letters, verses, Bible stories, etc. that they will be working on.)

I was thrilled that my boys worked together on something and were productive!  Way to go, big brother, Logan for taking an interest in the things of your brother!  Way to go, little brother, Luke for listening and remembering!  After I told Logan this story, he said, “I’m going to go over his calendar every Monday with him!”